Visa vid Varma källorna


"Visa vid Varma Källorna" is the third single from Vargen's debut album "Sånger från natten, sånger från Dan", consisting of new original music to poems by the Swedish writer "Dan Andersson (1988-1920).

Vargen is the artist- and bandname of Swedish singer-songwriter, singer, musician and actor Reine Johansson. The second music video "Tjuvskytten" from Vargen's debut album "Sånger från Natten, sånger från Dan" took off in social networks late fall of 2017. All three singles/videos from Vargen's debut album were filmed by Simon Lautrup. The album's blend of americana, folk, blues and country, alongside with the band's jam-based, often over 2 hours sets of live shows, has gained Vargen a quick-growing fanbase in Sweden. The second album "Tänk inte efter - Bob Dylan på svenska" (English: "Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan in Swedish"), consisting of Vargen's own translations, approved by Bob Dylan's publisher, are recorded during the summer of 2018 and are planned to be released late 2018. For videos, live performances, info:

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