The Bitch In Me (Single)

20230529 Less Than 1000 Followers (Jpgchief) - review

20230504 Certified Bop - review

20230503 Roadie Music- post

20230503 Rock and Birra Radio - news post


Mindy Morning (Single)

20220712  '...a classic rock tune...killer keys' - BuzzSlayers, US - Review

20220706  Interview - Lost In the Nordics

20220628  'Classic to surprise you throughout your life' - Nagamag, Greece - Review

20220627  '...incredible vocal performance ...' - Lost In the Nordics - Review 

20220622 'Vargen apresenta toda sua classe musical...' - Roadie Music, Brasil

20220622  'Vargen returns with a splendid single' - A&R Factory, UK - Review

20220618  '...this dude creates audible magic' - Sleeping Bag Studios, US - Review

20220617  '...a sunny vibe that makes you want to smile...' - Indie Band Guru, US - Review

20220617  '...a wistful contemplative throwback that took me on a journey...' - Indie Vibe, US - Review

20220617  '...highlights excellent songwriting and clear artistic vision in one bright and cohesive package' - The Ark of Music, US - Review

20220615 'Vargen spelar in drömsk video i Varberg' - Hallands Nyheter - artikel


To Stockholm From L.A. - duet with Anna Vild (2020)

20210122 Clouzine International Music Awards Spring 2021: Winner Best Country - Clouzine Magazine, US - News post

20210117 'A beautifully crafted and well-written piece of art that will be heard of many years to come' - Clouzine Magazine, US - Review

20201202 'Undeniably cool...makes the listener feel like they're floating on a breeze over the ocean' - Please Pass The Indie, US - Review

20201128 Vargen shares 'To Stockholm from L.A.' with Anna Vild - IndiePulse Music, US - News post

20201123 'A gorgeous holiday tune' - The Ark of Music, US - Review

20201123 'The sweet and soft duet lays down a warm and cozy blanket for the listener' - Indie Band Guru, US - Review

20201112 Vargen shares Christmas duet 'To Stockholm From L.A.' with Anna Vild - Music News, UK - News post


Love / Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan (2020)

20200719 'Vargen have truly captured the wonder and magic of Dylan’s work as well as shown their own talents in a masterful creation' - IndiePulse Music, US - Review

20200710 'Vargen has done it right in every way' - Clouzine Magazine, US - Review (page 17) & Interview (p. 12-14)

20200630 Vargen's New Take on a Bob Dylan Favorite 'It Ain't Me, Babe' - AVA Live Radio, US - Feature

20200624 "Mia and Reine's voices combined are pure magic and truly one of the best pairings you'll find out there right now, in any genre" - Sleeping Bag Studios, US - Review

20200624 "Great album for any lover of Bob Dylan or anyone who appreciates beautiful well-written music at all" - Indie Band Guru, US - Review

20200611 "Nous avons trouvé cette cover magnifique, l'univers que propose Vargen est particulier et touchant" - Direct Actu, France - Critique (One Too Many Mornings)

20200622 "Vargen has successfully tackled one of the greats by way" - The Ark of Music, US - Review

20200610 'The first song I wrote? 'Bad Moon Rising.' - Please Pass The Indie, US - Interview

20200608 "Vargen’s moving remediation is haunting and mysterious, filled with love and loss” - Please Pass The Indie, US - Review of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"'

20200605 "A complete package of musical excellence" - Indie Spoonful, US - Review of "One Too Many Mornings"'

20200605 'Songwriting is like a relationship' - Indie Spoonful, US - Interview

20200601 'It would be great to do a duet with Iggy Pop' - 10 Questions, Indie Music Interviews, US

20200601 "Vargen put their own footprint on each and every song they tackle" - Neu Futur, US - Review

20200525 Vargen to release 'Love / Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan' - Music News, UK - News post

20200520 Vargen's  'One Too Many Mornings'  - Americana UK - Track feature

20200512 "Covers from beyond" - Untold Dylan, UK - Review of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"

20200409 "Couldn't have been released at a better time" - A&R Factory, UK - Review of "Love / Leave" / "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" 


Tänk inte efter - Bob Dylan på svenska (Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan in Swedish) (2019)

20190922 "Under the Influence" - Rock N' Reel Magazine, UK - Article/interview

20190620 "Vargen reignite the timeless single that is Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" - A&R Factory, UK - Review

20190614 Americana Music Profiles Podcast - Interview

20190614 "Channeling Bob Dylan" - Americana Rhythm Music Magazine, USA - Article/interview

20190427 "A masterpiece of technical and emotional performance skill" - Indie Pulse Music Magazine, USA - Review, interview


Svenska (2017-2020) 

Love / Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan (2020)

20200528 "Naturlig koppling mellan Vargen och Dylan" - Lira Musikmagasin - recension

20200401 "Varbergsvargen ylar internationellt - tolkar Dylan på engelska i nytt släpp" - Varbergsposten - artikel/intervju


Från Stockholm till L.A (Singel 2019)

20191115 "Anna Vild och Vargen med duettballaden Stockholm till L.A." - - artikel

20191113 "Anna Vild och Vargen först ut på nya Recordia" - Varbergsposten/Hallands Nyheter - artikel


Bluesliv (EP 2019)

20191030 "Uppbrott och blues på nya EP:n" - Varbergsposten - artikel  


Tänk inte efter - Bob Dylan på svenska (2019)

20190706 "Tänk inte efter med Vargen" - Varbergsbibblan blogg - recension  

20190610 "Direkthet, språkkänsla och socialt patos" - Rock'n'Roll Magazine - recension

20190508 "Dylan i svensk tolkning av Vargen" - - intervju

20190426 - recensioner

20190426 GAFFA - pressrelease

20190425 "Grönt ljus för Dylan-översättningar" - Hallands Nyheter - intervju 

20190227 Lira Musikmagasin - recension